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Facilities Specialist

Washington, DC
2020-08-27 04:08:34
Job Type: Contract
Applied: 0

? Due to federal security clearance requirements, applicant must be a United States Citizen.


? Perform detailed research to perform engineering inspections/evaluations and project


? Develop and/or modify existing and new AutoCAD drawings, prepare requirement documents,

complete Customer Request forms, and calculate costs of projects for budgeting of all assigned

facility projects.

? Plan utilization of space and facilities – Inspect buildings and office areas to evaluate suitability

for occupancy, considering such factors as air circulation, lighting, location, and size. Engage in

measurement of facilities to determine total square footage available for occupancy. Compute

square footage available for each member of staff to determine whether minimum space

restrictions can be met. Draw floor plans needed for future projects.

? Interface with multiple internal customers throughout the pricing proposal development process;

evaluate pricing proposal calculations based on lead/management guidance.

? Develop and/or review the Basis of Estimate (BOE); establish requirements of organizational

efficiency and available facilities and funds.

? Occasionally participate in meetings regarding project pricing and planning.

? Perform duties and special project as assigned. Coordinate projects with Marine Corps Base

Quantico (MCBQ), Naval Facilities Commands, and other contractors to coordinate assigned

projects from inception through completion. Typical duties include providing as-built drawings and

other historical data to support ongoing projects.

In addition to the specifics above, the Facility Specialist shall develop, manage, update and maintain all

facility drawings in both soft and hard drawing formats using Adobe Suite and related

applications/technologies as well as those listed below, as well as monthly reports of work accomplished:

? Building calculations (i.e., parking numbers, asphalt linear footage calculations, landscaping, roof

repair drawings/square footage amounts, building usage data, annotate square footage of

buildings, floors, rooms, equipment, furniture, space usage, employee work space location,

name, organization, department/code and desk phone number, etc.) Drawings will be plotted /

saved for presentations.

? Maintain master AutoCAD files; reflecting current facility conditions and update files after

completion of any reconfigurations, perform periodic walk through of building spaces to update

existing AutoCAD drawings / building data.

? Building alterations/drawing revisions for budgetary purposes

? Designing spreadsheets and other MS software documents (With Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

? Designing, plotting and displaying various signage and posters

? Other graphical requests assigned that relate to facilities management.

? Perform visual inspections for space management updates and develop presentations based on

space request received from building tenants. Scope includes reviewing drawings for compliance


o Life safety based on occupancy and egress per NFPA 101.

o Access per Architectural Barriers Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

o UFC 2-000-05N, Unified Facilities Criteria.