Requirement Details

Header Health Cloud/Service Cloud Technical Architect Location: Long Beach, CA Boston,

Job description


Bachelor's in engineering or equivalent, Master's in Business Administration preferred


 Project Setup :

·         Post handoff from bid team, review estimation and timelines based on project scope, identify and address any gaps/issues.

·         Guide teams to conduct system setup activities in internal and customer project environment (such as NFS team for network, admin team for C20).

·         Coordinate with PMO team to ensure the setup activities are completed in time.

·         Review and approve project standards and share them with client.

·         Interact with client to finalize the project standards and communication plan.

·         Involve team members and prepare project plan.

·         Gather inputs from account team on the cost involved.

·         Coordinate with test manager to ensure test planning is conducted.

·         Interact with customer to freeze all issues related to capacity planning.

Project Execution :

·         Understand defined solution architecture / solution created by Solutions Architect/Technical Lead/Team Lead.

·         Engage relevant CoE/SMEs or support group to develop/validate solution design.

·         Gather status from team members.

·         Conduct status calls with the PMO.

·         Share finalized design and obtain buy in from various stakeholders.

·         Participate in client calls for finalizing project architecture and design.

·         Monitor the work done from a quality perspective.

Project Control and Review :

·         Identify risks and issues that might arise in the project.

·         Gather issues from different sources.

·         Recommend corrective actions to resolve escalated / highlighted issues.

·         Collate all issues in a repository to understand and address closure of issues.

·         Analyze risk associated with the issues and propose mitigation strategies.

·         Receive scope change requests from the client.

·         Conduct initial assessment/impact, organize and conduct change review meetings.

·         Prepare an estimation plan and share this with customer (timelines, cost, effort estimation).

·         Inform the client of the decision.

·         Identify resource who will work on the scope management and guide him/her for scope management.

·         Monitor closure of scope creep issues.

·         Monitor project progress across multiple streams/modules on a regular basis.

·         Create weekly status report.

·         Share and present report to the relevant stakeholders in order to identify deviations and take corrective actions for smooth project flow.

·         Lead scheduled meetings as per plan.

·         Drive adherence to quality standards.

·         Monitor and track project to ensure adherence to budget/schedule/time.

·         Manage ramp up / ramp down of project teams based on requirements.

·         Capture and publish project performance metrics on a regular basis.

Project Closure :

·         Review transition plan, engage with the delivery team to drive the project transition.

·         Define high level schedule for transition with different teams.

·         Provide guidance to Team Leads in resolving critical issues that arise during deployment.

·         Close the project plan.

·         Release resources as per project plan.

·         Audit the project where required/mandated.

·         Document findings and share the same with relevant stakeholders.

·         Conduct retrospective analysis.

·         Create a post mortem report of the project.

·         Update report in the repository.

·         Plan and execute knowledge transition, track & report progress.

Stakeholder Engagement :

·         Interact with internal/external customer and be the firstlevel management contact for the client, onsite teams etc.

·         Present progress of various projects, risk at program level, etc, to relevant stakeholders.

·         Understand issues from the client perspective and provide a holistic perspective to explain the complete picture of business impact.

·         Maintain regular communication with the end client to keep him apprised of program status.

·         Provide information, status updates etc.

Knowledge Management :

·         Ensure all project documents are uploaded in the knowledge management repository.

·         Update KT process and documentation for on boarding.

·         Provide support in creation of knowledge articles on the problem, workaround solutions.

·         Facilitate onsite offshore interaction for knowledge transition.

·         Monitor and report the usage of knowledge articles.

·         Maintain knowledge management database Prepare collaterals, publications, technology papers etc for distribution.

Business Development :

·         Prepare RFP responses and share them with Business Development team.

·         Conduct effort estimation and finalize on resources required.

·         Review work done by other teams in preparing proposals.

·         Prepare RFP defense.

·         Provide inputs on the projects executed in the past by showcasing client referrals and CTS capabilities in proposals.

·         Participate in clients during the deal process, as and when required.

·         People Management :

·         Participate in senior level talent selection.

·         Set clear and objective goals for team.

·         Conduct appraisals.

·         Identify, priorities and deploy action items for competency development.

·         Review progress on employee engagement activities in the project management track.

·         Direct and guide other managers/team leaders on resolving employee complaints.

·         Identify, groom, reward and develop high performers and future leaders.

Must Have Skills

·         Salesforce - Knowledge

·         Salesforce Communities

·         Salesforce Configuration


Technical Skills


Primary Skill

Proficiency Level *



Salesforce - Knowledge




Salesforce Communities




Salesforce Configuration



* Proficiency Legends

Proficiency Level

Generic Reference


The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.


The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.


The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.


The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.