Requirement Details

Software Engineer | Security

What You'll Do

You will write software for a network security product focused on NetFlow and associated security data (security logs, proxy logs, third party data).

You'll be working with REST API's, containers, multiple programming languages. You'll collaborate with leaders and mentors, and develop incredible relationships with colleagues who share your interest in connecting the unconnected.

Who You'll Work With?

You will work alongside and among a mature, knowledgeable, creative software engineering team. This team prides itself on supporting each other and sharing their knowledge helping each other grow in their development.

You'll be part a team that cares about its customers, enjoys having fun, and you'll take part in changing the lives of those in our local communities. Come prepared to be encouraged and inspired.

Minimum Qualifications

* 4+ years programming experience with Python 3.X, J2EE, or similar languages

* 4+ years programming experience writing network/application security software or enterprise software

* 4+ years programming experience using REST APIs

Preferred Qualifications

* Experience working with NetFlow

* Experience working with security technology such as two factor, proxies, authentication, firewalls.

* General networking knowledge of TCP/IP

Why US?

We are all unique, but collectively we bring our talents to work as a team, to develop innovative technology and power a more inclusive, digital future for everyone. How do we do it? Well, for starters - with people like you!

Nearly every internet connection around the world touches us. We’re the Internet’s optimists. Our technology makes sure the data travelling at light speed across connections does so securely, yet it’s not what we make but what we make happen which marks us out. We’re helping those who work in the health service to connect with patients and each other; schools, colleges and universities to teach in even the most challenging of times. We’re helping businesses of all shapes and size to connect with their employees and customers in new ways, providing people with access to the digital skills they need and connecting the most remote parts of the world - whether through 5G, or otherwise.

We tackle whatever challenges come our way. We have each other’s backs, we recognize our accomplishments, and we grow together. We celebrate and support one another - from big and small things in life to big career moments. And giving back is in our DNA (we get 10 days off each year to do just that).

We know that powering an inclusive future starts with us. Because without diversity and a dedication to equality, there is no moving forward. Our 30 Inclusive Communities, that bring people together around commonalities or passions, are leading the way. Together we’re committed to learning, listening, caring for our communities, whilst supporting the most vulnerable with a collective effort to make this world a better place either with technology, or through our actions.