How it Works?

Getting benefited through reference is a wonderful process of easy income. Optimising your network brings you financial benefits. Most of us generally don't participate in any referral program due to unawareness.

We would like to elucidate on referal or reference process, how to make money and spread the awareness to benefit the Employer, Employee and referee. 

Referral process is simply and easy to follow.

  • Become a registered user, with free of charge.
  • Subscribe to
  • Get alerts on openings
  • Choose a friend who fits the position
  • Check the validity of resume
  • Refer a friend, who is valid
  • Further the process goes smoothly
  • The process is Transparent throughout the cycle
  • Referral bonus will be released to referee once the position is filled with referred candidate
  • Recruiters can refer other recruiters and avail of the double bonus