The referral program is subject to the following terms:

1.       You cannot refer yourself

2.       You cannot refer a person that is an existed in our database

3.       HR Consultancies, Manpower organizations, providers are not eligible for referral program. Individual only can eligible for referral program.

4.       Employees, consultants and Ex employees of Somasoft Solutions are not eligible to referral program.

5.       Somasoft reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to decline a resume for referral Program or cancel a referral Program at any time.

6.       Somasoft Solutions may discontinue its Referral Program at anytime.

7.       Somasoft may decline a referral at anytime without giving a reason

8.       You acknowledge and agree that Somasoft's determination will be final and binding with respect to the referring party's eligibility for any Referral Reward.

9.       The minimum qualifying period under the Somasoft’s referral program is a three month (90 Days) full time.

10.   Referred candidates must not have previously or currently applied to one of Somasoft’s job postings or has been entered into the Somasoft employee database as a current candidate

11.   In the event that a referral is submitted twice from different referees than the first referral will be eligible for the reward

12.   Once the referral is received, Somasoft HR team will make contact with the referral prospect within five working days.

13.   Contact will be made to the referral prospect through telephone and/or email as provided by you, the referrer.